Platform and table lifts

Platform lifts — wheelchairs, baby buggies, accompanied trolleys

Public buildings, department stores

These vertical platform lifts are very useful where a short flight of stairs makes access to a higher or lower level impossible or difficult for wheelchair users or parents pushing prams or buggies.

Since the Disability Discrimination Act required equal access opportunities for everyone in public buildings, the platform lift has undergone its own revolution in design, purpose and efficacy.

Platform lifts – features and style

This type of short-haul lift is highly customisable. Clients, particularly architects and property managers responsible for the function and form of a building, like the custom finish capabilities that manufacturers provide: glass, anodised aluminium, gloss wood varnish, and even bright block colour.

Platform lifts – good options

platform-liftPlatform lifts are a very good alternative to installing a lift in a two-story building. They’re cheaper to buy and easier to install. The overriding advantaging is that they consume less space, and invariably can fit into areas where space is limited or awkward. They’re usually hydraulically driven on a scissor hoist.

Inclined platform lifts

inclined-platform-liftWe installed inclined platform lifts in areas where there are people who unable to climb steps or stairs and need a platform that travels up and down a stairway.Economical to run and straightforward to install, these safely carry a person, with or without a wheelchair.

Table lifts

armo-scissor-lift-photoThese adjustable height tables, very robust, and fairly portable (some models are fitted with wheels) remove the need for excessive human heavy lifting, reaching or bending.

Installation, service, repair

We’ve extensive knowledge of lift mechanisation and lift types. We can advise on suitability, caveats, option advantages and specifications.

We hold the accreditations BS EN ISO 9001: 2008 and Schedule 12 of The Lift Directive for the installation and commissioning of new lifts in accordance with European Lift Regulation EN81.

ILS Lift Services provides a 24/7 365-day swift response service.

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