Residential passenger lifts

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The residential passenger lift is less of a workhorse.

Invariably there is less distinction between the traffic peaks. It needs less complicated controls and little up-peak or down-peak programming to cope with the building’s morning, lunch and evening entries and exits.

Because it carries less passengers, and is used less frequently, the structure of the residential lift need not be as robust as its commercial counterpart. It also, usually, need less headroom for the head way.

Popular solutions are the machine-room-less models where the hoistway contains the drive system. These have become much more affordable in the last few years. They are more in use now that statutory requirements on building owners encourage automated vertical transportation, in short, passenger lifts.

The newer models have the automated single or double slide door, while some of the remaining older ones have the manual pull-push door.

Keeping costs lower

By using independent lift suppliers, we can keep down the costs of installation and certainly provide true value-for-money maintenance and service packages.

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