Commercial passenger lifts

Passenger lifts in commercial buildings — London, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire

The Disability Discrimination Act requires building owners to provide access for everyone to all areas of a building irrespective of  their level of disability.

This has resulted in the widespread installation of passenger lifts in even low rise or 2-storey office blocks, and adaptations of existing installations for those who suffer from mobility, visual or audibly impairments .

Life installation — office blocks, retail centres, education centres

Commercial passenger lift installations are more complex than those designed for residential premises use.medical-center-lift

Their specifications allow them to carry a larger passenger load  and incorporate more sophisticated  algorithms for peak and low peak times.

Lift installation — health and medical medical-center-liftcentres, nursing and care homes

Where there is a requirement to move patient beds or wheelchairs between floors, we work with architects and builders to provide specifications for lifts capable of the task.

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