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Lifts were fashionable devices in European palaces in the 1600s. They evolved with the innovations of Ivan Kuliban’s screw drive lift in the St Petersburg Winter Palace… Frost and Stutt’s belt-driven and counterweight design in the early 1800s… William Armstrong’s hydraulic crane… and the traction mechanism by the Italian, Gaetano Genovese.

Towards the end of the 1800s, architects’ ambitions scaled greater heights with designs for taller buildings. In America, Elisha Otis developed the safety gear system which revolutionised elevator safety, and in Germany, Werner von Siemens built the first electric lift in 1880.

Innovations in vertical; transportation continue today as new materials for greater efficiencies and new designs for better performance are researched and tested.

Keeping up with innovations

ILS engineers keep up to date as lift technology continues to change. Keeping up with innovations in hydraulic and passenger lift technology puts us in position to provide the best possible service to our customers.


Lift installation consultancy to architects and builders

Because we keep abreast of lift and elevator technology, we can provide technical guidance and consultancy on the various hoist mechanisms and control system best suited to the environment.  

We can advise architects on the best type of lift for a particular application or building design whether it be low or high rise with low or high traffic use and with or without a machine room . We can advise on special features such as lift security, lift car interior design and firemans control. We are fully conversant with the requirements of European Lift Regulations  EN81:1 parts 1&2 and accredited to The European Lift Directive Schedule 12  (download certificate )

Traction and hydraulic

ILS Lift Services has extensive experience of traction lifts and elevators both geared and gearless, and also hydraulic powered lifts: either direct acting or roped. 

Because we have been installing and maintaining lifts for over 45 years, we have solid industry knowledge that is particularly useful when one considers that 40 per cent of the lifts in the UK are between 20 and 40 years old.

We think of ourselves as an old lift’s best friend.

Health & Safety

We have detailed knowledge of lift health and safety inspections and have undertaken countless inspections and upgrade work to satisfy the lift owner’s statutory responsibilities and the requirements of their lift insurance policy cover. We work daily on all aspects of requirements for LOLER 9 statutory tests as well as SAFED  supplementary tests on safety components. Our expertise and experience means that we are also fully conversant with health and safety requirements applicable to:

• New lift installations . Our lifts are designed to meet all the health and safety requirements of European Lift Standards . This gives clients full peace of mind.

• Modernisation of existing lifts.  We can advise on meeting the requirements of EN81-70 where applicable and practical.  
• Day to day operation of the installation

Passenger and commercial lifts

We install and maintain passenger lifts in both residential and commercial premises. Clients appreciate our speedy, efficient response to call outs — available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.