Lift modernisation and refurbishment

Passenger and industrial lifts modernisation

Modernised liftFrom time to time, statutory updates make lift car modernisation an essential undertaking. Periodically too, new replacement parts for hoist components, for instance, are developed and come on to the market.

It makes sense, when undertaking routine maintenance, to schedule replacement of parts or mechanisation processes that will save money in the future.


Modernisations that prolong the life of a lift

ILS Lift Services has many years’ experience in complex lift WALBROOK-HOUSE-modernised-MOTORmodernisation projects, particularly integrating new equipment with old structures. We will also complete lift modernisation audits that suggest cost-effective solutions that extend the working life of a lift.

ILS Lift Services offers a full range of modernisation options:

  • Control system upgrades incorporating state-of-the-art variable voltage variable frequent (VVVF) lift drive technology for reduced power consumption
  • New gear units and motors
  • New hydraulic pump motors and valve blocks New lift door operators and door equipment
  • Lift cars


Refurbishments for new lease on life

Every now and again, property agents will redesign the interior of a building for their clients. ILS provides a full lift car refurbishment to match the proposed design plans. These include:

  • bespoke lift cars in hardwood and sheet steel
  • lift interior refurbishment and modernisation to DDA requirements
  • lighting schemes -traditional or modern ceilings
  • emergency lighting
  • cleaning and polishing of stainless steel and brass
  • door and archtitrave stainless steel re-skinning
  • door and architrave replacement
  • floor coverings
  • safety mirrors and etched mirrors
  • workshop spray painting
  • French polishing
  • engraving
  • car protection drapes and studs
  • linishing of stainless steel finishes
  • anti-bacterial maintenance clean
We refurbish the interiors of lift car with modern and traditional materials:

  • marble and stone
  • veneers and hardwoods
  • mirror polished brass
  • mirror polished stainless steel
  • satin stainless steel
  • patterned stainless steel
  • coloured stainless steel
  • coloured patterned stainless steel
  • bead blasted stainless steel
  • glass panels
  • bead blasted glass panels
  • opaque glass panels
  • mirrors
  • coloured mirrors
  • leather
  • carpet laminate
  • rubber