Lift repairs

Passenger, commercial, industrial lift repairs

We’re a family-run lift specialist firm, and have been since 1968. We like to be  regarded as trusted, friendly, efficient and well-trained.

What makes us different is our speed of response, reliability, technical knowledge and size — not too large, not too little.

We have the right knowledge, experience, and importantly, tools for the job of lift repair.

We respond to calls quickly, respecting our clients’ urgency and overriding concerns for trapped passengers or loss of productivity.

Our aim is to be on site within three hours. We diagnose the problem, confer with our technical specialists at the office if necessary, source the replacement parts where needed — or make the repair — with least inconvenience to our clients.

24 hours a day breakdown service

Day time, night time, weekends — we aim for same-day repair, wherever possible, depending on parts availability.

This will reassure property and facility managers particularly in schools, nursing homes and fast-paced goods production where lift performance between storeys is important or critical.

Lift breakdowns and repairs – full gamut

ILS Lift Services undertakes full repair of industrial, passenger and commercial lifts — gear boxes, ropes and cabling, door operators, drive units, control panels, etc.

We diagnose the problem as quickly as possible, source the correct replacement part and arrange for its swift delivery so that we can fix and test the component with least delay.