Lift maintenance

Lift maintenance — fair, flexible, cost-efficient

Lifts are amongst the very few modes of transport available for continuous unsupervised use and by all persons ranging from the very young to the elderly and infirm. Nevertheless, if properly and professionally maintained, they are one of the safest forms of transport, being designed to strict and comprehensive standards. Regular preventative maintenance will keep inconvenient downtime to a minimum, extend the lifespan of the equipment and contribute to greater safety. We offer a cost-effective flexible range of contracts covering lift servicing breakdowns and repairs. Once you have selected the most suitable contract option, you can rest assured that we will maintain your lift(s) promptly and efficiently. . We provide a full 24/7 same-day breakdown service to all our customers so you the client can be confident that if nightime or weekend lift service is critical, we shall attend.  

Thorough inspection

We undertake a thorough inspection of all components, from pit to headway, and deal with anything we deem as unsatisfactory right away.

We inform the client on any issues likely to need future attention. We work on the problem until we resolve it properly, to our client’s satisfaction.

ILS offers three maintenance contract plans to suit different property management situations: Standard, Premium and Comprehensive. We also provide bespoke maintenance plans on request.

Parts — reliability

We have an extensive network of reliable suppliers of genuine spare parts. In some cases we are also able to get spare parts which have become obsolete either refurbished or repaired. This is particularly useful where they are intrinsic to the operation of older lifts and there is no modern replacement available.

True to our promise

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  • professional expertise
  • price competitiveness