Industrial goods lifts

Goods lifts for factory, warehousing, manufacturing plant, retail deliveries

As manufacturing and production became global, so was there greater call for continued enhancements to the industrial goods lift.

Installing goods lifts

The systems of hoists and hydraulics evolved in response to industry’s reliance on machinery to cart cargo between levels or up or downhill. Moving heavy raw materials for manufacturing processing has led to the refinements of the lift or elevator as we know it today.

Over 130 years ago, Frank Sprague extended Werner von Siemens’s ideas. He introduced floor control, automatic lifts, acceleration control of the cabins and various safety features. His lift was faster and stronger; able to haul larger loads than the hydraulic or steam lifts of his time.

ILS Lift Services have 40 years’ experience in providing guidance on appropriate goods lifts and installing lift packages suitable for very different industrial situations and goods handling environments.

Advantages of an ILS installation

  • value for money installation and maintenance
  • industry expertise
  • client attention
  • swift call-out response and repair

Industrial lift options

We advise building managers on the various options that are available for goods receiving and goods dispatching lift mobility, depending on area and intended load weights:

  • freight lift only — pallets, trolleys, containers, packaged loads, etc
  • freight lift with attendant — requiring safety modifications for human passage
  • mezzanine floor lifter — with loading ramp
  • hydraulic goods lift — with full height safety enclosure for small loads
  • wall-mounted goods lift — space saving, for lifting heavy and light loads
  • small goods lifts — capacity of 50 to 300 kg
  • large goods lifts — capacity to 2,000kg
  • lifting tablesSmall-Goods-lift
  • inclined platform lifts
  • enclosed platform lifts

Our ISO9001 Lift Directive accreditation permits us to install new lifts to current European standards. All equipment comes with a warranty, appropriate CE certification and operational and maintenance documentation.

Installation, service and repair

We undertake installation and subsequent regular maintenance with full regard to Health and Safety at Work regulations.

We also respond swiftly to emergency call-outs on installations conducted by other companies, if requested. We cut nuisance time by knowing the right parts to order and use.