Maintenance, Modernisation, Installation

Passenger lifts, goods lifts, platform lifts

ILS Lift Services is a long-established family-run independent lift contractor, with traditional values. We have a cohesive team of long-serving engineers and technical specialists and we value our strong reputation for prompt, reliable service and believe in good practice and fair practice

To simplify our brand and our name, we have recently rebranded ourselves. We are no longer ILS-Crown  — just simply, ILS Lift Services.


Not only does ILS Lift Services install and maintain lifts, we also advise on passenger, commercial and goods lifts choices and alternatives.

Our advice, recommendations and service are based on our clients’ specific needs and requirements. ILS has many years installation, maintenance and repair servicing experience with:

  • commercial passenger lifts
  • residential passengers lifts
  • service lifts (50-300 kg)
  • large industrial goods lifts
  • platform lifts
  • table lifts
  • Architects, builders, building managers, facility managers

We are mindful of the obligations and responsibilities of property owners, managers and architects regarding the wide range of national and European regulations which apply to lifts  and provide guidance on the best compliance solutions for each project.


Our service managers schedule maintenance calls with clients to minimise inconvenience to property owners and lift users.

Property management companies, nursing homes, schools, shopping centres

We offer a three-tiered maintenance plan to suit particular client or building needs.

We promise

  • personal service
  • professional expertise
  • price competitiveness
  • Repair 24/7 365-day

We assign a service manager to each client. We do this to reduce lift downtime and client anxiety, particularly regarding passenger lifts where people are trapped or unable to use the lift, and commercial goods lifts, where down-time costs money.

passenger lift 


Our offices are in Potters Bar, north of London, close to the M25. We modernise and refurbish passenger and goods lifts in:

  • local authority premises
  • business office blocks
  • shopping centres
  • logistics centres and warehouses
  • factories
  • nursing homes
  • colleges and schools
  • residential blocks of flats

Companies we have worked with: